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Our system provides business-to-business leads based on powerful demographics like age, income, zip and more. It's like choosing your own customers - something all businesses need to do to make sales. You can use our phone-verified databases to reach your ideal customers.

The "speciality" databases like , Physicians & Dentists are a great tool to use if you have a product or service to market to healthcare professionals. The Diet, Health & Fitnesses can be used to reach consumers have expressed a high interest in living a more healthy lifestyle. Our Making Leads Database is our most popular leads generating source. Find potential customers for your business opportunities and market to them directly.

A sales lead is the identification of a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service. This step represents the first stage of a sales process. The identification of the sales lead is referred to as lead generation, a process conducted by either the marketing or sales organization.

The lead may have a corporation or business associated (a B2B lead) with the person(s). Sales leads are generic leads – i.e. a person signs up for a type of offer, instead of a particular company or brand. Sales leads come from either lead generation companies' processes–such as trade shows, direct marketing, advertising, Internet marketing, spam, and gimmicks–or from sales person prospecting activities such as cold calling or making a connection through a social network. For a sales lead to qualify as a sales prospect, or equivalently to move a lead from the process step sales lead to the process sales prospect, qualification must be performed and evaluated.