About Us

Sales Gator is the best business and consumer lead generation tool available in the
market today. Sales Gator makes it easy for sales and marketing professionals and
business owners to search for targeted leads, get contact names and phone numbers,
and view detailed information—all from the industry's most up-to-date and complete
data provider. Allow us to help you connect with consumers just waiting
to buy your product or service.

What We Provide:
As a Sales Gator client, you'll have access to:

The highest quality data
Our leads are phone-verified and re-checked by data researchers to provide
you with the most current and accurate leads available.

Powerful Search Criteria
You know what your ideal customer looks like. You know their income, marital
status, occupation, home value and more. But, how do you find your ideal
customer? That's where we can help. Search any of our databases based on
the criteria you choose and we'll do the rest.

Personal help from Sales Gator
As your business grows, we'll be with you every step of the way—helping you retain your best
customers and find new prospects just like them. We know that it's easier to
do business with people you know and trust. So, it is our goal to develop a
great working relationship with you. Let us know how we're doing from time to time.
Your feedback is valuable to us.