Sales Gator delivers targeted-focused business leads. We will beat any competitor's quote by 15%….

We provide business and consumer data to deliver the highest-quality mailing lists available. We can help you identify your best audience, and then build a list of business and consumer prospects.

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Allow Sales Gator to help you increase your sales and bottom line by finding and connecting with your ideal customer. Our business and lifestyle data is continuously updated and checked by researchers. You can trust us to find laser-targeted leads. If you want customers with their credit cards in their hand just waiting to buy your products and services, we can help you. We are offering a Price Guarantee. Sales Gator will beat any competitor's quote by 15%. Just complete a form for one of our databases and we will send you a quote within a few hours. Click Here for pricing & downloading sample data.
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Tell us about your ideal customer or project. Include details like age range, income, geographic area, occupation and more. You can also click on the database links in the menu for a more detailed search.
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US New Businesses

We add 50,000 new businesses each week. Use this powerful data to find companies needing web design, phone service, temporary employees, office supplies and equipment and even cleaning services. The possibilities are endless. Create your mailing list by selecting specific zip codes, business filing types, SIC, keyword and time frame. Want a list of restaurants that opened in New York city last week?

US Consumers

The US Consumers database is by far our most powerful tool. We can deliver marketing lists based on age, marital status, income, occupation, home value and more. The selection criteria also includes lifestyle choices and interests like food, wine, collectibles, sports, etc. The purchase behaviors criteria can be used to find consumers who are credit card users, shop online or buy from catalogs.

US Physicians

All of the data in this physicians, surgeons & dentists database in 100% Phone Verified. Search criteria includes medical school attended, # of patients per week, # of prescriptions per week, gender, age, & more. If you have a business or service which specifically targets these healthcare pros, you can instantly boost your sales using our database.

Homeowners & Movers

Approximately 100,000 new homeowners are added to this database each week. More than 300,000 new movers are added also. This information is invaluable to local service providers. Physicians, banks, hair stylists and dry cleaners can use this data to find new customers. Fine tune your search by mortgage details, residential details and more.

How To Use Our Data

You are searching for physicians in Boston, MA who are on staff at a hospital in the area. The physicians must write 26-74 prescriptions per week and treat 25-49 patients per week. All of the data in this list is 100% phone verified by researchers. Confidently use this list to reach your target audience.
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How To Complete The Form

It's not necessary to complete every field on the form. Just complete the sections which are relevant to your search. Remember, you are trying to laser-focus your project to get the best leads.
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I'm in a super-competitive industry - webdesign. While new businesses are opening by the thousands, I still found it difficult to find customers. Using Sales Gator has given me the ability to find an endless supply of clients. Thanks Sales Gator

Justin C.
Seattle, WA

As the owner of a designer furniture store, my ideal customers are new homeowners in the 24-34 age range. Sales Gator prepared a mailing list for us and we sent discount offers to new homeowners in the area. It worked to perfection. Thanks Guys.

Jim T.
San Diego, CA

Kathy and I love to travel and we decided to start a magazine dedicated to leisure and travel. We knew the demographics of our ideal reader. We used the Sales Gator marketing list and our readership and advertising sales have zoomed up. Thanks Guys.

Michael & Kathy M.
Palm Beach, FL